Board of Directors and Advisors

Meet the Celebrate Her Wisdom™ Board Members

Michele De Luce

Leading the Way in Empowering Women at CHW™

Michele brings an extensive track record to the CHW  board, combining her expertise in financial services with a deep passion for empowering women. As the president of Celebrate Her Wisdom, Michele actively promotes the power of women helping women. She believes that by sharing knowledge and fostering a supportive community, women can achieve financial security and build stronger families.

Michele’s own experience with loss ignited a mission to equip families with the knowledge to navigate challenging times. Having witnessed the devastation caused by a lack of preparedness, both financial and emotional, she is dedicated to educating women on protecting themselves and their loved ones.

Michele’s background in finance, coupled with her leadership in the non-profit sector, positions her as a valuable asset to the CHW board. Her commitment to financial literacy and her dedication to strengthening families aligns perfectly with CHW’s mission.

Building a Global Sisterhood: Michele’s leadership extends beyond the organization. She spearheaded the development of a robust social media presence, growing a nonprofit reach from 3-million up to 25-million each week. This influence extends across 50 countries, fostering a global sisterhood (and brotherhood) empowered by financial knowledge, fostering a culture of education, sustainability, and building a network of peer support. Michele is a strong proponent of collaborative partnerships, believing that alignment with like-minded organizations strengthens the collective impact.

Linda Martinho

A Passionate Leader Balancing Family and Purpose

Linda embodies the spirit of CHW, balancing a successful career with her unwavering dedication to family. As a seasoned business owner, she brings a wealth of experience to the CHW  board.

More than her professional achievements, Linda prioritizes quality time with loved ones. Whether it’s cooking up delicious meals for her husband Joe, the love of her life, or exploring the waters of Martha’s Vineyard with her loyal dog Brody and her cherished children and grandchildren, Linda treasures every moment.

This passion for nurturing connections extends to the CHW community. Linda is a strong advocate for lifting other women up. She understands the challenges women face and uses her experience and unwavering support to help CHW achieve its mission of empowering women through shared wisdom. Linda truly exemplifies the importance of building a secure future, not just financially, but through strong family bonds.

Cathy Gumbiner

Bridging the Knowledge Gap for Women

Cathy Gumbiner is a force for financial empowerment within the CHW community. As a seasoned executive in the financial services industry, she’s witnessed firsthand the struggles women and families face when life throws unexpected curveballs.

Driven by a personal experience during bedrest with a newborn, Cathy recognized a critical gap in financial knowledge. Unaware of the options available, she faced financial hardship despite having a life insurance policy that had cash value. This experience ignited a passion to ensure other women and families don’t experience the same vulnerability.

Cathy brings her extensive industry knowledge and a genuine love for helping others to CHW. She’s a champion for financial literacy, dedicated to educating and protecting women and their families. As a dog lover, devoted mother, and now a doting grandmother, Cathy understands the importance of securing a future for those we cherish. She actively works to bridge the knowledge gap and empower women to make informed financial decisions for themselves and their loved ones.

Meet Our Advisors for Celebrate Her Wisdom™

Donald J. Delaney

Senior Advisor to the Founder, Executive Director, Board of Directors and Director of Philanthropy

Donald is a Hudson Valley, native. Its rich economic history led to his first career on Wall Street. His first Mentor, Austin Moskowitz set him up for success. Banking lesson number one: relationships are the true currency.

He brings to CHW a unique ability to create beneficial financial relationships. His mission is to recruit strategic relationships with the capacity and compassion to fund the future of CHW.

 Projects launched:

  • Race for the Cure ~ from Idea to Launch
  • Paul Newman’s Hole in the Wall camp ~ endowment campaign  
  • Boy Scouts of America ~ STEM Building leadership donors

CV – Clients

  • Goya Family Office, Gulfstream Aviation, and The Bank of Texas.
  • Entrepreneur academics, post-Bard: Wharton – Stanford – UVA

‘Inventing the Hudson Valley – 400 years of entrepreneurs’

‘Before Silicon Valley, the Hudson Valley’

Leighton T. Allenby

Philanthropy Director and Operations Support

Leighton Allenby brings a wealth of experience and passion to his role as Philanthropy Director and Operations Support for Celebrate Her Wisdom(CHW). A resourceful entrepreneur, Leighton has built and currently manages three thriving businesses on Longboat Key, Florida. His artistic side shines through his successful online photo art business, showcasing his creative vision. Beyond his business ventures, Leighton enjoys an active lifestyle that includes often capturing the beauty of his surroundings during walks along the beach. His love for the arts extends beyond visual mediums, and he frequently enjoys attending performances at the local theater.

Leighton’s background extends beyond entrepreneurship. He possesses proven expertise in managing complex renovation projects, honed through his work with high-net-worth families. Leighton’s diverse skillset also includes a successful career as a retired arborist, demonstrating his commitment to both innovation and environmental stewardship.

Leighton’s dedication to giving back is evident in his extensive work with nonprofits. He has a long history of successful fundraising endeavors, including significant contributions to The Highfield Theater and The Falmouth Youth Hockey League in Falmouth, MA, where he also coached for five years in the early 1980s.

Leighton’s unwavering commitment to CHW stems from his deep belief in empowering women and children in the United States. He sees CHW as a powerful force for positive change, illuminating the challenges faced by countless families across the nation. Leighton is particularly passionate about supporting CHW’s  mission to reach over 100 million women and their families who are struggling emotionally, physically, and financially. He believes that by equipping these women with vital information and life lessons, CHW can empower them to build stronger lives for themselves and their families. Leighton is dedicated to leveraging his diverse skillset and experience to help CHW raise awareness, secure funding, and ultimately, make a lasting positive impact on the lives they serve.

Kari-Jo Koshes

Advisory Board Member, Celebrate Her WisdomTM

Kari-Jo Koshes is a dynamic and accomplished leader with a passion for community engagement and marketing. Since joining DutchCrafters in 2013, Kari-Jo has risen through the ranks to become the Director of Operations, where she has played a pivotal role in transforming the company. Under her leadership, DutchCrafters has experienced remarkable revenue growth, from $3.6 million to $24.5 million, alongside significant improvements in profitability. Kari-Jo has spearheaded numerous strategic initiatives and cultivated an award-winning corporate culture.

Kari-Jo holds an MBA and a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA), and her expertise has been recognized through her publication in the Business Management Research and Applications Journal. Her leadership excellence is further demonstrated by her graduation from both Leadership Sarasota and Leadership Florida, and by receiving prestigious accolades such as the 2022 Business Observer 40 under 40 and the 2023 Furniture Today 40 under 40 awards.

In addition to her professional achievements, Kari-Jo is deeply committed to giving back to the community. She serves on the Sarasota County Human Services Advisory Committee and is a dedicated board member of the Literacy Council of Sarasota and the Junior League of Sarasota. Furthermore, she is the founder and president of Brand New Chapters, an organization devoted to empowering individuals through literacy and education.

Kari-Jo is eager to leverage her extensive experience in community connection and marketing to support Celebrate Her Wisdom™. Her dedication to making a positive impact, both professionally and within the community, aligns seamlessly with the mission of Celebrate Her Wisdom™. She looks forward to contributing her skills and expertise to further the organization’s goals and initiatives.